How To Get 10 Free Nintendo Switch Games From The Eshop

Indie developer Qubic Games is celebrating its 15-year anniversary by giving away 10 of its Nintendo Switch games. The promotion began December 10 and ends December 24. If you want some free games, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

Switch users must have a Qubic Games title on their console in order for the games to show up as free. This requirement won’t cost you anything, though. You can download Coloring Book for free from the Eshop.

After downloading Coloring Book, you have until December 15 to pick up Robonauts, a 2D arcade shooter for free. It seems like you have to do this to take part in the giveaway. New games will become available every day through Christmas Eve.

You have 24 hours to snag each free game, but it’s important that you grab all of them. Qubic Games has made a game of sorts out of this, as the next free game (supposedly) only unlocks if you download the current free game. Chain those downloads together, and you’ll wind up with 10 free Switch games by Christmas.

Here’s the full schedule breakdown:

  • Dec. 10-15: Robonauts ($4)
  • Dec. 16: Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition ($3)
  • Dec. 17: Puzzle Book ($4)
  • Dec. 18: One Strike ($5)
  • Dec. 19: Wreckin’ Ball Adventure ($5)
  • Dec. 20: Koloro ($10)
  • Dec. 21: #RaceDieRun ($10)
  • Dec. 22: Rekt! High Octane Stunts ($6)
  • Dec. 23: Mana Spark ($10)
  • Dec. 24: Mystery game

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