Big Mario Maker 2 Update Out Now, Lets You Play As Link From Zelda

Nintendo has released a “legendary” new patch for Super Mario Maker 2. The version 2.0 update is now live and introduces a slew of new course parts to the level creation game, including a power-up that lets you play as Link from the Legend of Zelda series.

When Mario picks up the Master Sword power-up, he transforms into the Hylian hero. The Master Sword can only be used in the classic Super Mario Bros. game style, but it opens up a range of new gameplay possibilities. As Link, you can take advantage of the numerous weapons and skills at his disposal. Link’s sword can defeat enemies, while his shield can deflect Thwomps and incoming attacks. His bombs can also destroy blocks, and you can even fire arrows to reach far off coins and switches.

Additionally, Nintendo has introduced a handful of new enemies and course parts with the version 2.0 update, including the cactus-like Pokey and Spike. The latter normally hurls spiked balls, but if you place one in a snow level, it will throw snowballs instead. On top of that are new P Blocks–invisible blocks that are temporarily activated when you hit a P Switch.

Nintendo has also added frozen coins to the game; these are encased in ice and can be thawed out when hit by fire, be it from a Fire Flower or other sources like burners and fire bars. Finally, the update adds the Dash Block for the Super Mario 3D World game style, which propels Mario forward at great speed when stepped on.

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