Apex Legends' Octane And Lifeline Are Buffed In New Update Ability Rework

The Lost Treasure Collection Event goes live in Apex Legends on June 23. The limited-time event will implement an update as well, which includes reworks for both Lifeline and Octane. Instead of buffing and nerfing both legends’ abilities, Respawn is outright changing several aspects of their abilities–similarly to how Mirage was reworked at the start of Season 5: Fortune’s Favor.

One of the original eight legends, Lifeline’s abilities are being reworked to make her into a more effective combat medic. Since launch, Lifeline has been a character who can transition back and forth between a healer and a fighter. These new changes allow her to do both at once.

Lifeline’s original passive ability, Combat Medic, is being replaced with Combat Revive. So Lifeline will no longer be able to revive and heal more quickly; instead, she can now use her D.O.C. drone to revive allies while she continues fighting or revives someone else. That’s a pretty substantial adjustment for the character–it makes Lifeline the go-to healer again, as her original passive has become somewhat obsolete in the wake of buffs to Gibraltar.

Octane’s changes aren’t nearly as major, but they also further differentiate the legend from his peers. An aggressive attacker who specializes in pushing on enemy teams like Bangalore and Revenant, Octane has long suffered from being easily slowed down by certain items or legend abilities. It’s also fairly easy to punish an Octane because even though his abilities encourage a reckless playstyle that overwhelms an enemy, there’s no way to counter a squad that’s prepared. These changes should fix that.

You can now double jump in mid-air off an Octane Launch Pad. This allows Octane to do something that no other legend can: give him and his teammates the agency to change direction in mid-air. Loba and Pathfinder can do this for themselves, but neither can provide a way for their teammates to do the same. This provides new avenues of attack for squads that want to aggressively push on another team–it will also make it harder to snipe an Octane and his team out of mid-air. Octane is also now officially the fastest legend. His Stim sprinting speed is increasing 10 percent and while stimmed up, the adrenaline junkie won’t be affected by weapons or abilities that impair movement. Once he gets going, he won’t stop until killed or the Stim runs out.

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