Apex Legends Halloween Event Now Live, Adds Shadow Royale Mode And Wallrunning

Apex Legends’ inaugural Halloween event Fight or Fright was a big success last year, particularly its zombie-themed limited-time mode Shadowfall, which turned killed players into zombie-like Shadows. Fight or Fright is now back–lasting until November 3–and it’s got a new Shadow-themed mode that changes things up significantly. Plus, it adds several new limited-time rewards, including brand-new Halloween-themed epic and legendary skins.

The trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse of the new mode in action. Titled Shadow Royale, it’s a squads mode where dead players become Shadows as long as one of their teammates remains alive in their Legend form. Shadows have the ability to wall-run Titanfall-style, a feature that fans have loudly requested since the launch of Apex. The feature had previously been omitted as it didn’t fit with the rest of the battle royale gameplay. For a short time period, however, it looks like that doesn’t matter–likely because Shadows cannot equip weapons or armor.

According to the event trailer, Fight or Fright 2020 will bring the loot from last year’s event back into the fold, and add recolored versions to enhance their spookiness. There are 24 in total from last year to enjoy, and Respawn has also added new skins for Loba and Revenant.

Respawn recently revealed Apex Legends’ new character, Horizon, who is coming in Season 7. A new version of the game, Champions Edition, will launch alongside Season 7. For an asking price of $40, it unlocks each of the game’s 15 Legends and includes seven Legendary skins. Earlier this month, Respawn revised Wrath’s Naruto run to make her easier to hit, which irked certain segments of the game’s playerbase.

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