Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pre-Order Bonuses, Switch Console, Release Date

With Nintendo not having announced most of their first-party lineup for 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the company’s big Nintendo Switch game for the year right now. The upcoming Switch sequel is the first mainline entry for the series in eight years, and it’s bringing some big changes to the series’ formula when it arrives March 20, 2020.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your character will be ferried (via the Nook, Inc. charter) to a deserted island, where they can set up a tent and start growing their own town through many of the same activities seen in previous Animal Crossing games: crafting items, shaking trees, fishing, and more.

As the new release date for Animal Crossing: New Horizons draws closer, you might be wondering where you can pre-order the game and if there are any bonuses. Read on for more info on the best places to pre-order Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well as its newly announced special-edition Switch console. You can also check out its official box art below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons pre-order bonuses

Animal Crossing: New Horizon doesn’t have a universal pre-order bonus that you’ll get by pre-ordering at any retailer. However, retailers have started revealing exclusive pre-order bonuses.

If you pre-order at Target, you’ll get an adorable New Horizons-themed journal that comes with a 2020 calendar.

Best Buy is giving away Tom Nook “Phone & Tech Badges,” which can be stuck to phones, laptops, tablets, etc. and supposedly leaves no residue and is reusable. You’ll also get $10 reward credit if you’re a My Best Buy member (it’s free to sign up).

Pre-order Animal Crossing: New Horizons standard edition

The standard edition will come with the base game and any pre-order bonuses offered at the retailer of your choice.

  • Get it at Amazon — $60
  • Get it at Best Buy — $60
  • Get it at GameStop — $60
  • Get it at Target — $60

Pre-order Animal Crossing: New Horizons edition Switch console

Finally, Animal Crossing fans’ prayers have true: a special-edition Nintendo Switch console inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons will release on March 13, one week before the game. This is the newer model Switch that includes longer battery life. Available for $300, you can now pre-order this stunning system at Best Buy and GameStop.

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