Animal Crossing: New Horizons leak shows no sign of froggy chair

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may not be officially out, but copies of the game have reportedly leaked online. Folks are already diving deep into the files to see what Nintendo has included in its slice-of-life game, including a list of available villagers, character models, and soundtracks. And, it seems, there’s one glaring omission in the upcoming Nintendo Switch game.

According to a data miner perusing the New Horizons files, the game doesn’t seem to include froggy chair, an amphibian piece of furniture that has become a huge meme for Animal Crossing fans.

During Polygon’s playtime, we have not encountered any of the froggy furniture set. Granted, it’s entirely possible that Nintendo might add froggy chair via DLC, events, or patches. It’s also possible that data miners haven’t looked in the right places, and everyone’s favorite green chair is still in there, waiting to be worshipped. Reached for comment, Nintendo did not respond in time for press.

Whatever the case, fans are bracing for the worst. On Twitter, fans have started the #BringBackFroggyChair hashtag, and it’s full of upset players. But — and I say this as someone who adores the froggy chair and everything it stands for — it pains me to admit that in the grand scheme of things, the froggy chair may not be as high of a priority as, say, including fan-favorite Isabelle. Hopefully this chatter will alert Nintendo to the Animal Crossing fandom’s priorities … or better yet, hopefully it’s just a false alarm.

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