Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adds New Seasonal Items

Summer has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Northern Hemisphere players. Not only does that mean there are new bugs and fish to catch in the game, but some new seasonal items are also now available to collect.

Nook Inc. has stocked its seasonal catalog with a handful of new, limited-time items. In addition to the Father’s Day mug, you can pick up a Handmade cape and Handmade crown in honor of International Children’s Day. A Summer-solstice crown and Winter-solstice sweater have also been added.

The Handmade crown, cape, and Father’s Day mug will all be available to purchase until June 30, while the Summer-solstice crown and Winter-solstice sweater will be available until July 6. To get the items, access the Nook Shopping menu from the Nook Stop terminal in your Resident Services building and flip to the seasonal tab.

That’s not all that’s new in Animal Crossing this month. June is wedding season, and you can earn some special furniture as part of a limited-time event. All month long, you can travel to Harv’s Island and help the llama couple Reese and Cyrus celebrate their anniversary by taking wedding photos of them. Do a good enough job and you’ll earn a new type of currency called heart crystals, which you can exchange for wedding furniture and other items.

If your game is set to the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll also find a new material called summer shells. These can be used in crafting some new seasonal DIY recipes that you’ll find in balloons and message bottles. However, as with the cherry blossom petals that appeared in spring, these shells and recipes will only be available for a limited time, from June to August (or December to February in the Southern Hemisphere).

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