Ziggurat Interactive Publisher Sale Drops Seven Classic PC Games Onto

Ziggurat Interactive recently announced the addition of seven classic video games to the massive library in celebration of their special Publisher’s Weekend Sale also being hosted there. These seven classic retro-hits are all now on sale with a 33% discount until Friday, September 18.

Ziggurat Interactive specializes in reimagining, remastering, and re-releasing retro video games from our past to help keep us playing them well into our future. The studio is guided by three stellar mantras: “we celebrate creators,” “we are people powered,” and “we are flow finders.”

It’s these guiding principles that helped them prepare the seven classic video games that dropped onto for their Publisher’s Weekend Sale. Those seven video games are:

  • Battle Engine Aquila – As Hawk Winter, you are tasked with piloting the legendary mech known as Battle Engine Aquila through 43 missions spanning 12 huge islands while smack in the midst of a war.
  • Last Rites – You and your A.I. squadmates must repel a zombie invasion with plenty of high-tech weaponry.
  • Les Manley in: Search For The King – The first game in Accolade’s Les Manley series of adventures has Manley attempting to escape his dead-end videotape rewinding job (and impress the woman of his dreams) by traveling the world in order to get a photo of “The King.”
  • Les Manley in: Lost in LA – The second game in Accolade’s Les Manley series of adventures pits you as the main character on the trail of a celebrity-kidnapping stalker on the wild side of early 1990s Los Angeles.
  • Machiavelli the Prince – This strategic turn-based empire economy management sim set in 15th century Europe will test your skill and business sense as well as your religious and political schemes.
  • Return of the Phantom – This 1993 original point-and-click adventure game was written by James Bond novelist Raymond Benson, and places you in the role Inspector Raoul Montand hunting the legendary Phantom of the Opera.
  • Timequest – Published two years before The Journeyman Project, this time-traveling caper has you as an agent of the Temporal Corps, where you have to track down a renegade agent across four continents and 3,000 years of history to repair the timestream and stop the agent from causing further damage.

“We are excited to continue working with GOG.COM to make more of our growing library of retro titles available to a new generation of gamers,” said Michael Devine, SVP of Business Development. “This latest collection of games encompasses a wide range of genres, including economic-sim, action, and adventure, delivering something for everyone.”

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