Zero Caliber Creator XREAL Games Teases 4-Player Co-op ‘Gambit!’

Virtual reality (VR) XREAL Games is known for its shooters, having previously released sci-fi horror A-Tech Cybernetic and military FPS Zero Caliber. Back in February the studio detailed plans for both of these videogames whilst noting that another project was on the cards. Today, the first teasing details have been revealed for Gambit!.

Unlike its previous titles, XREAL Games has gone for a co-op multiplayer with Gambit! Supporting up to four players, it’s going to be an action experience designed for PC VR headsets.

“Set in a pre-apocalyptic world slowly moving towards its demise, Gambit! follows four close-knit mercenaries, whose life is turned upside down after they blow their biggest assignment yet, infuriating their influential client,” explains the studio’s synopsis.

The gameplay will be split between three chapters, each consisting of large maps filled with unlockable content to find. Players will have access to a diverse selection of weapons and from the sounds of it there’ll be leveling up involved to encourage players to keep returning, accessing further kit the more time and effort is put in.

Gambit! isn’t a purely multiplayer title as the campaign is also playable solo. When mates are available there will be a deathmatch feature so they can go head-to-head if cooperating on the battlefield gets boring.

No gameplay footage or screenshots have been released at the moment, XREAL Games plans on doing that later this year. Currently, Gambit! is expected to arrive in 2021.

In addition to Gambit!, the studio is also working on the PlayStation VR port of Zero Caliber. Previously slated for a release in Q2 this year, that’s now been moved to Q3 2020. As XREAL Games releases further updates VRFocus will let you know.

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