Zelda Fans Think They’ve Spotted Gleeok In Tears Of The Kingdom

There was a lot to talk about coming out of Wednesday's Nintendo Direct. However, since the all-new Tears of the Kingdom trailer closed proceedings, that has been getting a lot of the attention, and after a rewatch or ten, Legend of Zelda fans are somewhat convinced Gleeok makes a very brief appearance.

There was a lot of stuff to draw attention in the trailer. Link traversing Hyrule on some sort of massive car, ascending up into the clouds on a hovercraft, and then reaching for Zelda in that dramatic closing shot. However, look past all of that blockbuster stuff and you might have seen what appears to be a rather sizable three-headed dragon standing on a bridge off in the distance.

Hardened Zelda fans have seen that dragon and assumed it's a long-lost boss from previous games in the series, Gleeok. A dragon boasting two or three heads, depending on the game and the dungeon you find it in, Gleeok first appeared in the original Legend of Zelda on the SNES and has sporadically been a boss in the occasional title following that in the years since.

However, those who have crossed paths with Gleeok before might have assumed the multi-headed firebreather was gone for good. Absent since 2007's Phantom Hourglass on Nintendo DS, and making no such appearance in Breath of the Wild, you might have thought you were safe from Gleeok when you return to Hyrule later this year. While you might well be since a reappearance has not been officially confirmed, it seems more likely that the boss is set to return when the alternative is Nintendo creating an entirely new triple-headed dragon for Link to fight.

Zelda fans continue to comb through the new trailer as you read this, attempting to pinpoint anything else hinting at what to expect that might have been missed. Something nobody missed was the price reveal. Tears of the Kingdom will indeed be the Switch's first $70 game. However, Nintendo has been quick to tell people that will not be the norm for all big releases moving forward.

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