Yupitergrad is Going Open Plan With a new Gymnasion mode

If you’ve played swinging puzzler Yupitergrad before you’ll know that its campaign and Time Attack levels are linear in their construction, there’s an A to B and you try not to die in between. Developer Gamedust is looking to mix this dynamic up somewhat with a new gameplay mode called Gymnasion, giving you a large sandbox to play in.

Currently undergoing testing, Gymnasion drops you into a massive space to really practice those Spider-Man swinging skills, specially designed to perform crazy acrobatics. With no time limits or whirling wheels of death to suddenly stop you in your tracks, the mode could almost be considered relaxing, with a plethora of columns to latch onto.

Gamedust hasn’t said when the new mode will arrive but if you already own Yupitergrad and wish to test Gymnasion out then you can. To sign up for beta testing all you have to do is head to Gamedust’s official Discord channel to become part of the Komrade Test Program. The only stipulation for the beta test is that you’ll need an Oculus Quest (1 or 2).

The studio has been keen on involving its player base, saying in a statement that: “We are open to community feedback and we want the community to participate in the development of our games.”

Released last year, Yupitergrad has seen a continual evolution of its content, from a core campaign where players have to navigate a treacherous space station to a Time Attack mode where players have to navigate levels as fast as possible. The most recent update occurred in August with Gamedust releasing 10 new levels for Time Attack.

Yupitergrad supports most major headsets including Oculus Quest, SteamVR and PlayStation VR. As further updates are announced VRFocus will let you know.

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