Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Every Reward You Can Earn In The Xyz Festival Event

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel's first ever in-game event has begun, and there are a lot of rewards up for grabs.

The Xyz Festival celebrates all things Xyz Summoning. You can enter the event with any deck you like, but you're only allowed Xyz Monsters in your Extra Deck. So stock up on your favourite Xyz archetypes and starting earning those medals, as the event only lasts until February 24.

How To Earn Rewards In Master Duel's Xyz Festival

To unlock the various prizes of the Xyz Festival, you need to collect medals. You'll earn 50 medals for a loss, and 100 for a victory. Keep in mind that surrendering gives you no medals, you must complete the duel no matter what.

There are different rewards given by meeting a series of medal milestones. These start out at one for every 100 medals you earn, and then get more spread out after the first 10 rewards.

Keep in mind that completing duels in the Xyz Festival still helps progress your missions and Duel Pass, meaning you're likely earning a lot more than just what is listed below. This guide only lists the rewards exclusive to the event, but make sure to check elsewhere in-game to see everything you're being given for playing.

Every Reward In The Xyz Festival

There are a total of 50 rewards up for grabs during the event.

However, there is definitely a drop-off where earning them is more effort than it is worth. Unless you really want those legacy packs, you can safely stop at around 3200 medals. After that, the amount of gems you can earn reduces massively, but the required medals to earn them stays the same.

Medals Required Reward
100 Gems (x100)
200 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
300 Gems (x200)
400 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
500 Gems (x300)
600 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
700 Gems (x600)
800 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
900 Gems (x200)
1000 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
1200 Gems (x200)
1400 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
1600 Gems (x120)
1800 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
2000 Gems (x200)
2200 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
2400 Gems (x100)
2600 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
2800 Gems (x100)
3000 Xyz Reward Ticket (x2)
3200 Gems (x100)
3400 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
3600 Gems (x20)
3800 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
4000 Gems (x20)
4200 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
4400 Gems (x20)
4600 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
4800 Gems (x20)
5000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
5500 Gems (x20)
6000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
6500 Gems (x20)
7000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
7500 Gems (x20)
8000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
8500 Gems (x20)
9000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
9500 Gems (x20)
10000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
11000 Gems (x20)
12000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
13000 Gems (x20)
14000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
15000 Gems (x20)
16000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
17000 Gems (x20)
18000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)
19000 Gems (x20)
20000 Legacy Pack Ticket (x2)

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