Your old Nintendo Wii games could be worth hundreds of pounds

One of the biggest selling consoles of all time, it seemed like everybody had a Nintendo Wii back in the noughties – even people who weren’t traditionally into gaming. The popularity of the Wii means that lots of people are likely to have some retro games lying around, which could be sold for extra cash to help tackle the rising cost of living. So check your attic, dust off your old games, and have a look at some of the most valuable Nintendo Wii games according to prices offered on the high-street.

Gaming site Solitaired has put together a list of some of the most valuable Nintendo Wii games based on the cash value offered by UK retailer CEX.

At the time of writing, CEX will pay customers £84 for a copy of Legend of Sayuki, followed by Dokapon Kingdom for £55.

A Shadow’s Tale and Sakura Wars: So Long My Love are both worth 52, while limited edition versions of Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles (with extras) sell for £49.

Popular games like Fire Emblem – Radiant Dawn and Metroid Prime Trilogy sell for £45 and £28, respectively, while Retro City Rampage DX goes for £29.

Games like Band Hero and Guitar Hero are also worth a bit of cash, but only if you have the instruments.

It’s also worth noting that you can get even more if you trade the games for an in-store voucher, or if you’re willing to sell directly to collectors via sites like eBay.

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The most valuable Nintendo Wii games at CEX…

1. Legend Of Sayuki – £84.00

2. Dokapon Kingdom – £55.00

3. A Shadow’s Tale – £52.00

4. Sakura Wars: So Long My Love – £52.00

5. Last Story, The: Limited Ed. w/Artbook & CD – £49.00

6. Xenoblade Chronicles Special Ed. w/Classic Controller Pro – £49.00

7. Fire Emblem – Radiant Dawn – £45.00

8. Calling – £34.00

9. Fragile Dreams – £32.00

10. GTI Club Supermini Fiesta – £32.00

11. Retro City Rampage DX – £29.00

12. Metroid Prime Trilogy – £28.00

13. The Last Story – £25.00

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