Young Dooku Will Feature In Tales Of The Jedi, Streaming October 26

The first full trailer for Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi was just released during the Star Wars and Marvel presentation at D23, revealing that half of the episodes will focus on a younger Count Dooku.

Marvel and Star Wars just held their yearly conference at D23, revealing brand-new looks at several known projects, including The Mandalorian, Skeleton Crew, Willow, and even an exclusive look at Indiana Jones. One of the more interesting parts of the showcase was the first trailer for Tales of the Jedi, a series of shorts that were announced some time ago that we previously knew only Ashoka would appear in.

As it turns out, three of the episodes will be focused on Ashoka, while the other three will be focused on a younger Count Dooku, marking one of the only times that we've seen his character portrayed at a younger age. We also get to see from the trailer that a younger Qui-Gon Jinn will also appear in those episodes, which makes sense considering the relationship between the two. Mace Windu is also here, which is also awesome.

As for Ashoka, it looks like her story will take place over the course of her life as well, as we get to see her as a baby, before showing her training with Anakin Skywalker. Whether her and Dooku's story will advance to their later years isn't made clear by the trailer, but we're sure to at least see Ashoka's story through a few different eras.

Dooku isn't the only surprise character making an appearance in Tales of the Jedi. As seen in the trailer footage, Yaddle will also appear for some of the episodes, presumably the ones with Dooku in. If you're not aware who Yaddle is, one, how dare you, and two, she's a female member of the same unnamed species as Grogu and Yoda, and recently made a playable appearance for the first time in the Skywalker Saga.

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