You Can Play The Company Of Heroes 3 Pre-Alpha Today

It'll still be some time before we see Company of Heroes 3 in its completed form, but today marks a major milestone in the game's development. Relic's latest entry into the storied franchise brings players to Sicily with a free, open-access multiplayer pre-alpha test today starting at 9 AM PST.

Relic is calling this an "early first look" at Company of Heroes 3 gameplay. You can play against AI or human opponents starting today at 9 AM PST and running until December 6 at 8 PM PST. Players can choose between US and Wehrmacht forces with limited Battlegroup options, although more factions and Battlegroups are still in development.

In fact, there's a lot of the game still in development. The point of this early-alpha test is to solicit feedback on unit balance and completed game features, so there's a very limited selection of game modes, maps, and factions to choose from. There will be only four maps (one 1v1 and three 2v2 maps), only two game modes (Victory and Annihilation), and only custom games and automatch games will be available to play (there are no tutorial or campaign missions available yet). Relic also admits there's a lot of things yet to be finished, from more maps, units, animations, and even some UI elements.

To provide feedback, there's a survey in the main menu of the Company of Heroes 3 pre-alpha download, which is available on Steam if you've already signed up when the game was revealed in July. If not, you can head on over to the Company of Heroes website, create an account, and then link it with your Steam account to gain access. Relic is also taking feedback on the Company of Heroes Discord channel.

Streaming and content creation are allowed, so if you'd like to broadcast your games on Twitch or YouTube, feel free.

And last but not least, we have some hardware recommendations to share. Keep in mind this is just for the pre-alpha and are subject to change as Relic gets feedback on game performance.


  • Intel i5-6600 | AMD Ryzen 1600
  • 8GB RAM
  • Nvidia 1050 | Radeon 570
  • 4GB VRAM


  • Intel i7-8700k | AMD Ryzen 3800
  • 16GB RAM
  • Nvidia 1080 | Radeon 5700
  • 8GB VRAM
  • Windows 10

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