You can now buy your Xbox controller a ‘hoodie’ to keep it warm on winter nights

You can now buy your Xbox controller a miniature hoodie to keep it warm this winter.

Microsoft is flogging tiny little Xbox controller hoodies for the princely sum of £20.95. They're designed to go over your Xbox Series X | S controllers and even include a tiny zipper and arm holes.

Nobody is exactly sure why Microsoft has decided to sell these, but the blame probably lies with Microsoft's head gear honcho, James Monosmith.

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In a tweet, Monosmith said: "People didn't believe me when I said I wanted to make mini hoodies for Xbox controllers. Well we did it. You're welcome."

The mini controllers have proved controversial among gamers. One Twitter user, Meg Kaylee, called it "the cutest thing I have ever seen". Another gamer, Steve Vegvari said: "As a Canadian, I thank you for this. My controllers are always cold."

However, not everyone is convinced. One gamer 'DigitalDude24' said of Microsoft: "Bruh, they are creating EVERYTHING but video games lol. No wonder they wanna buy anything, they have no talent."

Another Twitter user said: "If anyone buys this. I feel bad for you and can you send me some money cause CLEARLY you have enough to spare."

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This hasn't deterred the Microsoft team. In a second tweet, Monosmith said: "[Due] to the crazy demand, and 'cause I love them, we are going to do another run. We just put them up for pre order again and will ship after the holidays."

If you want to buy your Xbox controller a hoodie this winter, head to the Microsoft store. They'll ship in February 2023, so your controllers will just have to sit shivering on the shelf until then.


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