Yoku’s Island Express: Ball Color Location Guide

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First and foremost, you are probably wondering: "what are ball colors?" Well, ball colors exist for two primary reasons. The most basic reason is that they are fun and allow you to customize your ball (duh). If you aren't familiar, Yoku's Island Express is a game that is, first and foremost, concerned heavily with the matter of whimsy.

The second, more substantive, reason for their existence is that some colors will help you enter into certain areas that are otherwise blocked off. So, if you are looking to master every last inch of this island, you aren't going to be able to do so without wrangling all the different ball colors. Whether you are looking to express yourself, or just trying to progress through the game, the ball color mechanic is an enjoyable aspect that gives Yoku's Island Express a sprinkle of charm.

Where To Acquire The Sparkle Baubles

There are five primary "sparkles" you can acquire: Creepy, Bling, Sweet, Deadly, and Crimson. Once you give them to Lonka, you will then gain access to the color they represent. We have included the chart below in order to help you find each of the Yoku's Island Express' sparkles.

Sparkle Bauble Picture Location How To Acquire
Creepy Bauble Cave Temple Treasury This bauble is purchased for 200 fruit from Licorice.
Bling Bauble Cave Temple (Near The Waterfall) You will be able to acquire this bauble once you get the Slug Keeper's tools. This bauble is simply hidden in a treasure chest. Roll across the gap, bump into the slug ball, and vacuum a slug. Then, roll under the gap, positioning the slug so that it is in between your ball and the ground. Once it explodes it will pop you up into the area with the chest.
Sweet Bauble Mushroom Beach (Above Fleek) This treasure chest will only be accessible once you have acquired the sootling, as you will need them in order to lasso the different grapple points and swing up to the treasure chest.
Deadly Bauble Pond To The Right Of The Church Of The Space Monks You will be able to acquire this bauble once you get the ability to swim. Here, you are going to want to go to travel down into "The Boiling Underbelly" through the Skull's Hideout. Head to the spot where Spina was battling against the water pressure, you are going to want to head to the left from there. Eventually, you will hit a pond.

Swim down into the pond's depths until you find a boulder. Just move the boulder along the path by hitting the switches. This will earn you the Deadly Bauble.

Crimson Bauble White Cliff You will be able to acquire this bauble once you get the carpenter's tools to the carpenter so that they can repair the bridge.

In order to obtain this bauble, you will need to bring the last intact egg to the Dipperloaf Tree. Just roll over the cliff side, left of the Dipperloaf, to find the egg. From there, push it through the tunnels until you eventually launch it up to the Dipperloaf tree. You will then need to leave the area and return later (approximately five minutes later) in order to receive your reward.

Every Possible Sparkle Combination

There are a grand total of sixteen possible colors you give your ball (well, seventeen if you include the standard dung color). Each color has its own name and is acquired by mixing the five different sparkle types. We have listed every possible combination for your edification. While most of these are primarily just for show, a few do have practical applications. Those with some form of genuine use will have it listed in the "additional notes" section of the chart.

Color Name Picture First Color Second Color Third Color Additional Notes
Ivory Ball N/A N/A N/A This is your starting ball type.
Ladybug Ball Creepy N/A N/A
Gold Ball Bling N/A N/A
Candy Ball Sweet N/A N/A
Skull Ball Deadly N/A N/A This ball color will allow you to access the juicer once you have been denied access.
Red Ball Crimson N/A N/A This ball color will allow you to access the secret cave.
Gold Scarab Ball Creepy Bling N/A
Bumblebee Ball Creepy Sweet N/A This ball color will allow you to access the bumblebee hive.
Cocoon Ball Creepy Deadly N/A
Firefly Ball Creepy Crimson N/A
Fairy Egg Ball Bling Sweet N/A
Jeweled Skull Ball Bling Deadly N/A
Ruby Ball Bling Crimson N/A
Mushroom Ball Sweet Deadly N/A
Strawberry Ball Sweet Crimson N/A
Rose Ball Deadly Crimson N/A
Dung Ball Any Any Any This ball color helps you get access to a giant cache of fruit. Just talk to Fleek (he is the fellow under the chest that contained the Sweet Sparkle). He will be so impressed with your ball that he will give you a sizable amount of fruit.

The Dung Ball is created by using any three colors together.

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