Yakuza: Like A Dragon Gameplay Shows Off Party Members In Battle

The latest Yakuza gameplay reveal shows off the party’s moves in a series of street fights.

Sega hosted a Christmas Eve livestream where devs from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio sat down and played Yakuza: Like A Dragon. We’ve seen gameplay vids before, but this time they sat down and played for a solid 20 minutes, showcasing the game’s playable characters, jobs, world, and combat system.

Since Yakuza: Like A Dragon is going to be the first Yakuza game to introduce turn-based, classic RPG-style combat, that’s what the devs focused on for their stream. They started by taking Kasuga and the gang to what appeared to be a job agency where they were assigned jobs. Kasuga became a chef, while the rest of the team became riot police, an S&M escort, and a fortune-teller.

Then it was time to pick some fights with roving packs of enemies. We’re not all that clear on why Kasuga has to fight 4-5 people just walking the streets late at night, but apparently they’ve all got bones to pick with the Yakuza.

In each combat sequence, we get to see how turns play out. Characters appear to place themselves based on predetermined layouts, while enemies will mill around. Depending on the character’s moves and how enemies place themselves, an attack can hit one or multiple opponents. At one point, Kasuka threw a serving tray that struck three enemies, knocking them all out.

Despite appearing like escapees from an afternoon dinner theatre production, each character certainly seemed powerful in their own strange way. The fortune-teller class allows the crystal ball to be thrown like a bowling ball, while the riot police job allows powerful physical strikes.

While the job system is cool, the new “summon” system looks to be equally ridiculous as it allows the character to use their phone to summon powerful attacks. There’s also a Persona-style bonding system that will reveal additional character backstory and maybe even unlock special powers.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon can already be played in demo form in Japan on the PSN. The game releases in Japan on January 16th, while a Western release isn’t scheduled until later in 2020.

Source: Sega

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