Yakuza 0 Fans Are In A Frenzy Over A Real-Life Empty Lot Controversy

While the games are more renowned for their endearing characters and wacky side stories, the main stories themselves are relatively grounded and usually quite heavy on business and politics. They're so complex and filled with twists and turns, that you couldn't possibly imagine that something similar could happen in real life. That's exactly what's happened in New York though, as a dispute between former governor Eliot Spitzer and a co-op board has Yakuza 0 fans in a frenzy.

In an article by the New York Times, it's explained that Spitzer is attempting to demolish a building he owns on Fifth Avenue to erect a high-end condo tower in its place. The only thing currently stopping him is a lawsuit in which shareholders of an Upper East Side cooperative are claiming that a small back alley next to Spitzer's building belongs to them via a method known as adverse possession, something that allows a party to claim a piece of land if it's been unused for 10 years.

If you've played Yakuza 0, you'll probably find the details of that story quite familiar. For those that haven't, the entire plot of Yakuza 0 revolves around a tiny plot of land in Kamurocho called the Empty Lot. The Dojima Family seeks to purchase this plot of land so the entire area surrounding it can be redeveloped, allowing Dojima Family patriarch Sohei Dojima to have a shot as the Tojo Clan's next chairman. Unfortunately, a real estate agent called Tetsu Tachibana is also after the Empty Lot, so tensions rise as protagonist Kazuma Kiryu is swept up in a series of fights and scandals as both parties try to hunt down the Empty Lot's owner.

Spitzer's case is a little different and involves a lot fewer crime syndicates, but the similarities between the contested space and Yakuza 0's Empty Lot has summoned the fanbase. While I'm sure it's a very serious issue for Spitzer and everyone involved, that hasn't stopped people from bringing up Yakuza 0 en masse in the replies to the article on Twitter. Plenty of gifs depicting a range of Yakuza 0 characters can be seen in the replies, with one person suggesting Spitzer's condo should be named the Millenium Tower thanks to the entire event.

It's a similar case with the article's quote tweets as well, as hundreds of people have flocked to joke about the situation. However, let's all take a moment to appreciate the one reply amidst the avalanche of Yakuza 0 gifs from @85scout, who seems to be the only person there genuinely annoyed that New York's Upper East Side might be getting another luxury condo tower in the near future.

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