Xsolla launches commerce to take mobile games beyond the app stores

Xsolla provides game developers with what it calls a “game business engine.” And now it is expanding that with a commerce solution that takes mobile games beyond the app stores.

Xsolla’s new innovative Mobile Game Commerce solution enables developers to streamline user acquisition, create better ways for players to discover games, simplify the online game commerce experience, build an online player community, expand their global reach, and increase future transaction revenue.

The move will help with the company’s mission of broadening the monetization of games and democratizing game business with its Transaction Engine and Business Engine.

Xsolla handles more than 700 different payment systems around the world, and it works with more than 1,500 game companies and 2,000 games. While other payment companies focus on larger industries, Xsolla has thrived by focusing mainly on games. That has helped it figure out what developers need to run their businesses and provide the payment and backend services that can make the difference. To date, the company has helped its game partners generate more than $3 billion in revenue across 3,400 games.

Aleksandr Agapitov started the company in 2005 to provide resources and tools for smaller developers who needed to access the same kind of services that big game publishers could provide. That includes anti-fraud efforts and user acquisition.

Mobile Game Commerce gives developers the tools to successfully operate PC and online versions of their mobile games, and create top-up experiences for players to add virtual currencies to their accounts.

The commerce tool helps games spread onto PC and online platforms, adding additional distribution, acquisition, and in-game monetization channels for new and existing players. Xsolla believes developers will be able to expand their online user communities and let them pay for items with any payment method they want.

The Mobile Game Commerce solution has already been adopted by a number of developers, including Nexters, Netease, and Gtarcade.

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