xQc And Kai Cenat Don’t Pay Their Twitch Moderators Because They "Watch Out Of Passion"

Popular Twitch streamers xQc and Kai Cenat have revealed that they don't pay their Twitch moderators because the mods do it "out of passion" and that paying them might make things

xQc, real name Félix Lengyel, recently took part in a livestream with fellow Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, where the two talked about the subject of moderators. For those unaware, Twitch moderators will essentially watch over the comments during a channel's livestream to make sure that it's keeping in line with community guidelines and not being spammed.

Since moderators are usually fans of the channel they follow, many of the positions are voluntary, but there are streamers out there like Ludwig that pay them for the services, with Dexerto reporting that the streamer was offering $5,000 per day during a 31-day subathon. It turns out that that's not the case for either xQc or Kai Cenat, as when the pair discussed if they pay their moderators, both said no.

In a clip shared by Dexerto on Twitter, xQc says, "It’s not about doing it for free, I just don’t want it to become weird. There are some creative reasons. If it became weird, it could become dramatic. I want it to become, like, they want to. They’re passionate. “Because they watch out of passion, and if you have a lot of mods it’s not a lot of work for each, so I don’t want it to become weird.” Cenat also confirmed that he doesn't pay his moderators, noting that "y’all volunteering to do shit for free".

Although xQc mentions things becoming "weird" quite a few times in his reasoning, he also said that he doesn't want it to just be out the money for the moderators. He said, “What if they don’t like the channel anymore… then it becomes kind of weird because I’m trying to drive something creative but then they hate it so it goes against the whole fabric of it.”

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