Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Level Classes Quickly

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  • Understanding The Importance Of Class Points
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There's more to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 than simply leveling up your characters, learning a few attacks and passive skills, finding some good accessories, and calling it a day. In true Xenoblade series tradition, the game is teeming with sub-systems, including a leveling system for your classes that comes complete with its own points system, CP.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Xenoblade without a few fun ways to make grinding a less tedious endeavor, too. That's the sort of balance these games strike, and we're here to show you exactly how to grind those Class Points in no time at all.

Understanding The Importance Of Class Points

Here are some keywords to make the class-grinding scene a breeze.

  • Class Points, abbreviated CP, are the numbers accumulated in order to elevate a Class' Rank.
  • Ranks are to Classes what levels are to characters — a numerical designation of their overall power and capability.
  • Aptitude is a character's natural affinity toward a given Class. All characters have a certain degree of Aptitude for every Class in the game. A higher Aptitude means that character will gain Ranks more swiftly.
  • Chain Attacks and Overkill are tied to one of the main techniques we'll be applying in battle to quickly build up your Class Points.
  • Lastly, Elite and Unique Monsters are special variations of the foes you'll fight out in the field. Elites are tougher versions of the normal stock. You can identify them by the blue border around their level. Uniques are truly monstrous and one-of-a-kind fiends with an orange border. We'll be fighting these fellows often.

So, what makes Class Points such a big deal? You need to build them up so that you can unlock that Class' Arts, Skills, you name it. Every time you gain a Rank, your access to that Class is enhanced twofold. They become stronger in their own right, and you can incorporate more of what makes them so great into an overall build to create the best party Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has to offer.

You'll hit a stone wall and reach Rank Ten with most Classes for a good chunk of the game. Don't worry — Ranks will eventually exceed this limit as you partake in various quests. (In some rare instances, the limiters won't be removed until specific main story beats occur.)

The Best Ways To Gain Class Points

With that out of the way, let's take a look at all the best ways to build Class Ranks in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, one option at a time. For maximum fun and profit, simply incorporate all these into your normal play style.

Kill Every Elite

If you see an Elite Monster roaming the field, kill it. Why not, right? You're going to gain big bonuses to everything, including CP, no matter how well you perform. Sure, they take longer to kill, but unless you're considerably underleveled, the payout will be more than worth the time expenditure.

Overkill Elites, Uniques, And Bosses

Regular, run-of-the-mill enemies aren't going to be around long enough once Noah and the gang get to them to warrant this, but starting with Elites, absolutely applying to Uniques, and often including story bosses as well, you are going to want to trigger a Chain Attack and get as much Overkill percentage as possible.

Consider that the running, ever-climbing percentage meter during Overkills correlates to how much additional experience your party will gain after the battle is won. The same applies to CP and SP! It's a win-win-win situation if ever there were one.

Remember To Pack A Nice Lunch

There are plenty of meals to cook at Rest Spots that will increase the rapidity at which your characters' Classes gain Ranks in battle. If you're specifically looking to up everyone's Ranks, why not specialize with a little fine Nopon-cooked cuisine? You'll be abandoning other potential gains, of course, but that's life. You can go back to your more conventional, stat-boosting stuff afterward.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is positively bursting with equippable accessories. You'll buy them in shops, you'll earn them as rewards, you'll grab them from containers, you'll pick them up off the ground after dusting off some soldiers. You get the picture.

The number of accessories can be overwhelming in their own right, so it's nice to have a goal in mind and set the whole team up accordingly. If that goal involves Class Ranks, there are plenty of trinkets out there in Aionios just waiting to be loved.

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