Xbox update shows your console energy usage but doesn't make it more efficient

Microsoft is issuing an Xbox update to better explain its power options settings work and to keep an eye on your energy usage.

The rise of energy bills has obviously made people more conscious of how much energy their various electronics are using. Some gamers, in particular, have had to wrestle with the possibility of quitting their hobby in an effort to save money.

As such, people have been looking into the energy consumption for their gaming consoles. Information which is thankfully provided by the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Perhaps because of the heightened conversation surrounding the subject, Microsoft has issued an update to its Xbox consoles, specifically for the power settings screen.

The first thing it does is rename the two different power options, making it clearer what the differences between them are.

The energy saver option is now simply called ‘shut-down.’ Although it doesn’t technically turn off the console completely since it will still be able to download automatic updates.

The standby option has been renamed as a sleep mode, which allows the console to boot up faster. Microsoft also stresses that this option uses more energy than the shut-down option.

Lastly, the menu displays how much power is being used while the console is off, in case you want to crunch some maths yourself and work out exactly how much the Xbox is costing you.

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