Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S Official Specs

Microsoft might have been telling a little fib when they said that the Xbox Series S is faster than a PlayStation 5. Sure, the processor on the Xbox Series S might be the same as found on big brother Xbox Series X (which is technically faster than the PS5’s CPU), but there’s more to a console’s performance than mere CPU clock speed.

But now that Microsoft has released the official tech specs for the Xbox Series S, we can compare it to both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

So, what do we get with Microsoft’s budget next-gen console? Well, a definite improvement over the Xbox One S, but it’s still no comparison to the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5, and it technically doesn’t even match up to the Xbox One X.

As promised, the Xbox Series S and the Series X do indeed share the same CPU, but the Series S has a vastly inferior graphics processor. The Series X has 52 CUs at 1.825GHz, while the Series S has just 20 CUs operating at 1.565GHz. This drastically reduces the Series S’s graphical output such that it’s not targeting 4K at 60 fps like the Series X and instead has to settle for just 1440p at 60 fps.

It also means that the Series S just has less overall oomph. The Xbox Series X pushes out 12 TFLOPS of raw computational power, but the Series S has just 4 TFLOPS. That puts it behind the Xbox One X which has 6 TFLOPS, but the Series S will still have next-gen features like RTX and DLSS to help it provide a better picture than the Xbox One X.

Another thing that the Series S skimps on is storage. The Xbox Series S has just half the storage of the Series X, which should ship with a full TB internal SSD when it ships on November 10. That means you’ll have an even harder time stuffing Call of Duty: Warzone onto the Xbox Series S’s 512 MB hard drive than you would on the Series X.

Both consoles have the same backward compatibility and options for external memory expansions, but the Series X can load Blu-Rays while the Series S is all-digital.

One thing that the Series S has over the Series X is the price. The XSX arrives with a $499 sticker price while the XSS comes in at just $299. That might make a big difference in today’s economy.

As for the PS5, you can check out that console’s specs here.

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