Xbox Series X SSD expansion will cost $220 suggests leak

Plenty of official information has been released today, about the Xbox Series X and S, but a new leak hints at a very expensive peripheral.

Although we now know when the Xbox Series X will be released and how much it will cost there are still a few details yet to be revealed, one of the most important of which concerns expandable storage.

Next gen games are likely to be over 100GB as a matter of course and the Xbox Series X only has a 1TB SSD (although there are rumours of a more expensive 1TB model).

That means many people are going to run out of space very quickly, especially as the Xbox Series S only has a 512GB SSD. Microsoft’s solution is a proprietary SSD expansion card which we haven’t known the price of until, perhaps, now…

It’s hard to tell, especially given how many leaks similar to this have turned out to be true, but it’s certainly believable because being propriety means that it’s been specifically designed and manufactured only for Microsoft (which is why things like the memory cards on the PSP also cost so much).

At the end of the day though it’s more than half the price of the Xbox Series S itself, which is not going to go down well with a lot of people, but seems to be the price (literally) you have to pay for the superfast Xbox Velocity Architecture.

Just to emphasise, this could be a fake but that’s almost not relevant because the expansion is going to cost something close to that anyway, unless Microsoft takes a major loss on selling them (which they probably already are on the consoles themselves).

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