Xbox Series X Already Being Unboxed By Some People

The Xbox Series X–and its cheaper, slimmer, discless counterpart, the Xbox Series S–does not release until November 10. However, someone already has Microsoft’s next-gen console in their hands and has unboxed it one month before the Xbox Series X launches.

A YouTuber named Willy Crow recently uploaded a video of the Xbox Series X. The roughly two-minute video shows a man in a mustard yellow hoodie unboxing the console, allegedly provided by Microsoft itself. The box looks very reminiscent of the Xbox One X, with its black-and-green packaging. Once the Xbox Series X comes out, though, it looks like a shoebox.

Willy Crow even pulls the controller out and fiddles with the thumbsticks before placing some batteries in it and setting it aside. The YouTuber then moves onto the wrapped Xbox Series X. They remove the plastic and tape to unveil the console.

Willy Crow isn’t the only person supposedly with the Xbox Series X in their possession. An image on the official Xbox Series X subreddit uploaded by user TheJasonng shows what appears to be a retail or shipping facility stocking up on the next-gen system. A few comments threaded in the post suggest there are retail associates from stores like Target who will have the system in stock soon.

We also got to check out the Xbox Series X, both the prototype and the real-deal. In our hands-on preview of the next-gen system, editor Michael Higham discussed how fast loading and Quick Resume were features that left him considerably impressed with the Xbox Series X.

“I’ve said this before, but I feel like next-gen console gaming will be greatly impacted by those practical improvements in the user experience more so than higher visual fidelity–and that’s what I’ve been most impressed with in the Xbox Series X so far,” Higham said,

The Xbox Series S and Series X launch on November 10 for $300 and $500, respectively. Check out our Xbox Series S/X preorder guide to learn which system is right for you.

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