Xbox Series S Quick Resume Feature Showcased In New Video

Following Tuesday’s reveal of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft has unveiled some of the technical details of the Xbox Series X’s smaller counterpart. This includes the console’s reduced load times and its Quick Resume feature.

A video uploaded to the official Xbox YouTube channel, narrated by Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald, provided a lengthy overview of the Series S. In addition to other technical and performance aspects, Ronald discusses the console’s Quick Resume feature.

Players can use this feature to suspend multiple games at a time and load them instantaneously, keeping their progress on each. This is similar to how the Xbox One allowed players to suspend one game and pick up where they left off after shutting off the console.

The video shows the console switching between Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Minecraft Dungeons, Skate 3, and Black, with each picking up in the middle of gameplay, flipping through multiple generations of games in seconds.

There are some things about the Quick Resume feature that are still unknown, however. For instance, while the feature is said to allow players to suspend and resume multiple games, the number of games one can suspend at any given time remains in question.

This feature was revealed for the Xbox Series X a while ago, though information remained scarce on whether any of the console’s potential alternatives would also have it. Nonetheless, Xbox Series X and S owners may benefit substantially from the ability to suspend and resume multiple games at a time.

The Xbox Series S demonstration also revealed other details about the console, including its load times. The video showed a comparison of The Outer Worlds’ load times on both the Xbox One S and Xbox Series S, with the former taking 53 seconds to load and the latter loading in 12 seconds.

The Xbox Series S is launching on November 10, 2020 at $299 alongside the Xbox Series X.

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