Xbox Scarlett release update: Microsoft’s Ninja deal is just what they need to combat PS5

Whichever end of the spectrum that turns out to be, it’s a big spend by Microsoft, which has tried to organically nurture its own Mixer community since the service launched.

According to report, the swap hasn’t impacted Ninja’s viewing numbers with an average of between 60,000 to 100,000 people watching his Fortnite streams from Lollapalooza, having already scooped up half a million subscribers. That number now stands at more than 1.3 million.

Getting Ninja to switch sides isn’t just a signal boost for Mixer, however. The 28 year old managed to ride the battle royale wave with perfect timing, cutting his teeth on H1Z1 before shifting to PUBG and eventually landing on Fortnite. 

His likability and skill at the game turned him into a streaming sensation (especially among the Fortnite’s younger audience), catapulting his net worth into the millions in a matter of months.

However, before Fortnite and the birth of the battle royale genre, Ninja was best known as a professional Halo player. 

With Microsoft gearing up for the launch of Project Scarlett in 2020, it may be positioning Ninja as one of the next gen system’s poster boys. Not only that but a perfect ambassador for the upcoming Halo Infinite.

The huge presence of streamers, YouTubers, and other influencers is nothing new to the video game industry but we’ve yet to see a move like this: a platform holder locking down one of the internet’s most watched online personalities.

For now this is just speculation. Although the writing is on the wall (it’s not hard to imagine Ninja presenting some kind of Halo Infinite event via his channel) we don’t have any firm details for now.

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