Xbox Scarlett release update, Console price news and PlayStation 5 launch game reveal

The Xbox Scarlett is a new console that is just part of Microsoft’s next-gen plans which have yet to be fully revealed.

For one thing, we still don’t know what the name of the new Xbox console will be, although we can guess Sony will probably stick with the PS5 label.

While Project Scarlett sounds pretty good, Microsoft doesn’t usually keep codenames in place for the final release.

Project Scorpio – now Xbox One X – is a good example of this and how trademark issues can get in the way of keeping such a label.

So while we don’t know for sure what the name of the new Xbox console will be, it seems unlikely that it will keep the Scarlett codename.

During a recent Game Informer interview with Xbox’s Matt Booty, details on how the codename was decided upon were hinted at. According to Booty, there’s a set of rules on how codenames are picked, starting with if other parts of Microsoft are using it.

Booty was also asked about the name of the new Xbox console and if he might already know it.

The Xbox exec answered the question by saying he had seen pictures of it and had a reasonable idea of what it might look like.

But Booty didn’t reveal if he did know the name, only hinting that the Xbox team – himself included – usually find out along the way to launch.

Another interesting point raised this week includes what Microsoft is planning to do with some of its IPs. As you might have already heard, Halo is heading to PC, with the Master Chief Collection hitting Steam too.

Microsoft has already said they are open to further projects making the leap, which will no doubt affect the Xbox Scarlett in some ways.

When someone asked this question directly to Xbox’s Phil Spencer on Twitter, he revealed that Steam would see new projects in the future. However, this might not include old projects that have already been launched on Xbox One.

“Going forward, yes we are going to launch on Steam,” Spencer posted online. “As far as going back for things already launched I think that will be on a case by case basis just due to the work involved.”

When it comes to the latest price news, interesting updates have been shared in regards to Project xCloud. This price-busting alternative to Xbox Scarlett is going to start testing very soon and will be an interesting new service that could affect consoles in big ways.

Gamescom will be one of the first times that the public will get access to xCloud and other Microsoft services.

But new apps have been spotted which point to a much bigger test being planned for the Xbox Scarlett alternative. The xCloud Test App has appeared on the Microsoft Store, suggesting that more news could be shared very soon.

This could also mean that xCloud being played through a dedicated app when it is launched later this year, making it different from Google Stadia, which will be available to play via a Google Chrome browser.

It should be noted that no games being released on Project Scarlett will appear on xCloud in 2019.

And talking about next-gen games, Capcom appears to be working on a blockbuster new release that could potentially hit the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

The company is reportedly in the early stages of developing a new Resident Evil game. Capcom confirmed as much in a letter to Resident Evil Ambassador members in Japan and the US.

“Hi Resident Evil Ambassadors,” the post begins. “Thank you as always for your continued support of the Resident Evil franchise! Today, we’re reaching out to recruit potential testers from our loyal RE Ambassador community to try out a new game in early development.”

The Resident Evil testing sessions will take place in New York and Los Angeles in September, and there’s currently no word on whether similar meetings will be held in the UK and Europe.

It’s also unclear whether the game in question is Resident Evil 8, a Resident Evil 3 Nemesis remake or some kind of spinoff.

Both Xbox Scarlett and PS5 consoles are expected to launch in 2020 as rival gaming devices.

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