Xbox One X Sales Skyrocket On First Day Of Xbox Series X Preorders

Amazon is going to dealing with a lot of returns this holiday season, as the Xbox One X has sky-rocketed up the sale charts. This could be due to the fact that it has a similar name to the Xbox Series X.

There has been some discussion about the confusion surrounding the names of the new Xbox consoles. Sony has kept things consistent with the PlayStation numbering scheme, but Microsoft is as bad as Square Enix naming Kingdom Hearts spin-offs when it comes to console titles.

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The pre-orders for the Xbox Series S/X went live today around the world and the biggest beneficiary of confused gamers around the world is the Xbox One X. According to Andrew Alerts on Twitter, the Xbox One X has seen its Amazon sales rank increase by 747%. This is almost certainly due to the fact that it has a similar name to the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox One X is a more powerful version of the Xbox One, and it’s certainly a capable enough machine to run the best of Game Pass, but it’s not as powerful as the Xbox Series X. It’s possible that some people who were unable to acquire an Xbox Series X pre-order decided to splurge on a weaker machine, in order to help them through the cold winter months ahead, but it’s just as likely that people got confused.

The pre-order situation for the Xbox Series S/X wasn’t quite the disaster as the one for the PS5 (that Sony had to apologize for), but there are still lots of fans who were unable to place an order for the next-gen Xbox that they want. There could also be lots of people who won’t realize the mistake until the Xbox One X arrives at their door. Then again, due to Smart Delivery and Microsoft’s devotion to cross-gen play, they might not even notice for a few years.

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The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be available on November 10, 2020.

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