Xbox One S Roblox Bundle launches for $300 in an appeal to families

As Xbox One moves into the end of its life, Microsoft is working to make the system appeal more to families. To that end, the company is launching the Xbox One S Roblox Bundle that includes some in-game bonuses for the popular player-powered game.

The Xbox One S Roblox Bundle is available now for $300 with a 1TB version of the console. It also includes a download code for Roblox, which is a game where players create content, worlds, and games for one another. Of course, Roblox is already free-to-play, so like the Xbox Fortnite bundle, this gives players other bonuses. You will get 2,500 Robux to spend on microtransactions as well as three exclusive items.

This bundle also comes with one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Game Pass has a Netflix-style library of games as well as the premium version of Xbox Live. Once that expires, however, players will have to pay for Xbox Live to continue accessing the Roblox servers.

With the Roblox bundle, Microsoft is trying to make things easier for families. If a kid asks for Minecraft, Fortnite, or Roblox, Microsoft now has $300 bundles for those parents to go out and buy.

This is a smart strategy for Microsoft because those kinds of families are the most likely to have sat out the current generation of hardware. And if Microsoft can get those families into the Xbox ecosystem with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the young Roblox fan may continue to choose Xbox as they get older.

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