Xbox Live free games WARNING: Good and bad free games news for Xbox One fans

Xbox Live free games fans have been dealt some good and bad Xbox One free games news. Microsoft are typically very generous when it comes to free Xbox games, regularly offering Xbox Live fans something new to play. This is done via the Xbox Free Play Days scheme, which usually offers a handful of new free downloads for Xbox Live members.

Microsoft has already held their first Free Play Days offer earlier this year, when Dirt Rally 2.0 was available to play for a number of days.

But Xbox Live fans hoping for more free games to play this weekend have been dealt some good and bad news.

Unfortunately this weekend Microsoft are not running a Free Play Days promotion.

These Free Play Days schemes run quite regularly, so hopefully this is just a short break and the offer will return next weekend.


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That’s the bad news, but the good news is there is another free Xbox One download that’s available from the Microsoft Store.

This new free download is a demo of AeternoBlade II, with the Xbox One free download going live earlier this week.


AeternoBlade II is a fast-paced action puzzle platforms that’s developed by Corecell Technology and published by PQube Limited.

Here is a full description taken from the Microsoft Store for AeternoBlade II…

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Harness the AeternoBlade – and defy the abyss in this sequel to the fast-paced action/puzzle platformer.

In AeternoBlade II, use the power of time itself to outwit your enemies and explore mysterious new dimensions.

Jump between frenetic combat encounters and intriguing puzzle segments that require ingenious use of time.

Play as three unique characters – including returning heroine Freyja, and newcomers Felix and Bernard, as they journey across dimensions in a desperate struggle against the destruction of the Dark Abyss.

The power of the AeternoBlade must be returned or reality, as they know it, will face total collapse.

Overwhelm your foes – by stringing together a massive hit count of relentless combos.


Agile attack movements and the power of time are at your disposal in visually-striking, rapid combat.

With both classic side-scrolling fights and the new addition of full-3D scenarios, launch enemies into the air and finish them using sword strikes, dashes and impressive ultimate attacks.

Manipulate time, eliminate enemies – and overcome all obstacles. Use techniques, such as Time Stop, Warp, and Reversal to outwit powerful bosses and solve creative puzzles.

Leap, grapple and climb – across intricately designed environments with vertical terrain. Find useful new items by exploring multiple routes through mystic ruins, ancient forests, and stoic castles.

Enhance your attributes – with over 100 equipped relics that harness the potential of your abilities. Boost health, critical strikes or strength, and unlock more by undertaking new quests.

The free Xbox One download has been launched alongside the full release of AeternoBlade II.

AeternoBlade II is available from the Microsoft Store right now for £24.99 and requires just 2.81GB of space on your Xbox One hard drive.

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