Xbox Free Games Update: Download this excellent Xbox One bonus today for Crackdown 3

It’s certainly good to see this game getting so much post-launch support, after all, it was in production for such a long time that it really needs to last a while. 

It could end up being another game a bit like Sea of Thieves or No Man’s Sky, where the game itself is so vastly different in a year or two that it’ll be well worth revisiting. Of course, if you like Crackdown 3 anyway, then this is all a bit like a very early Christmas present. 

Assuming they continue to work on the game, it could well be worth keeping an eye on, we only had the Keys to the City update last month, so to be getting another one so soon really shows the commitment of the team behind it.

Hopefully, this amount of Crackdown doesn’t involve to much Crunch(down), it’s important to support healthy workplaces, not just free stuff. Although, free stuff is also nice. 

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