Xbox boss Phil Spencer already has a Project Scarlett console at home

Microsoft’s gaming boss has been showing off that he’s got the world’s first Xbox Two, as rumours suggest there’ll be at least two models.

You’d imagine there are quite a few perks to being the vice president of gaming at Microsoft – we bet Phil Spencer can get a cup of tea whenever he wants, just with a click of his fingers – but at the moment the biggest benefit is that he gets to take an early version of the next gen Xbox home with him.

Currently known only as Project Scarlett, the new console isn’t due out until late next year, so Spencer is presumably taking home a dev kit, details of which, unlike Sony’s PS5, have not leaked out so far.

Spencer is understandably undescriptive about exactly what Project Scarlett is like but his claim that it’s now his primary console is surely a reference to it being backwards compatible and the fact that it can play all Xbox One and older games.

He also references using the new Elite Series 2 controller, implying that backwards compatibility also extends to controllers (often controllers only work with a single generation of consoles) and, less surprisingly, that Xbox Live and all its online features are also up and running.

In other Project Scarlett news today, Kotaku claims that Microsoft still plans to release a version of Project Scarlett without a disc drive – an equivalent to the current Xbox One S All-Digital Edition that was so popular during Black Friday.

Releasing two models at launch next year was rumoured to be the original plan, until Microsoft announced that that there would only be one available next autumn.

That’s still likely to be the case though, with the Kotaku report only confirming that the disc-less version is still being worked on, with no indication of when it’ll be released.

The bigger question though is how powerful it’ll be, with suggestions that it’ll be the reverse of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, where the initial model will be more powerful and the cheaper disc-less one purposefully less so.

But with continued confusion over exactly how powerful even the initial model of Project Scarlett is those details are probably still subject to change anyway.

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