Why Mobile Games are so Addictive? Does Banning them, Helps?

If you often feel the urge to play your favorite game on your smartphone, and end up wasting hours doing so, you are not alone.

It is a clearly indicates a situation that is better known as mobile game addiction. Wondering why mobile games are addictive?

Let us try to find out the possible reasons. After reading this, you can surely correlate the situation in your daily life.

Easy Access

The only way to overcome the compulsion is to stay away from the smartphone. Well, this is unimaginable at the present day. Mobile phones have become indispensable, and you always have easy access to it.

Secondly, the mobile games are the perfect way to escape the hassles of the daily life. Most of these games are interactive, and dynamic, they do not have a predictable ending. The quest to find out “what is next”, gets you in an infinite loop.

The sense of eagerness to complete this mission than someone, who is also playing that game, gradually engrosses us to the interactive world of mobile gaming.

Eventually, the real world appears dull and lifeless and these games become a perfect platform to turn a blind eye towards the problems in their lives.

Most Mobile Games are Free

You can recollect, whenever you navigate to the respective app stores of your smartphone, Android or iOS respectively, you notice an exhaustive list of games of various niches.

The compulsion of “trying” a few of them would happen naturally. Most of the game developers offer these games for free, and this is literally the icing on the cake.

Once you start playing these games, the unending saga of challenges, by all means makes you an addict.

The Attractive Rewards

Who does not love rewards and appreciation? Almost all the mobile games offers handsome rewards after you complete a mission. Again, the eagerness to earn more rewards keeps us motivated to play on and on.

Socializing and Competition

You must have seen, almost all these mobile-based games require an active internet connection. Therefore, you get the opportunity to connect with people from different corners of the world, and socialize with them.

Furthermore, you tend to remain in a completion with them, and the zeal to outscore your friend will also keep you glued to the mobile screen.

Game Hacks

Game hacks are readily available for both Android and iOS platforms for Pokémon Go, PUBG and many other addictive games. There are numerous apps with which you can root an Android phone, and jailbreak an iOS phone.

Furthermore, there are modded bots, scripts, memory editors, and many more ways of hacking.

When you successfully hack a particular game, you get full access to all the interesting features involved in it.

So, you no longer have to make the in-app purchases for advancing to the next levels, which is very common in the mobile gaming arena. Therefore, with superior controls, the addiction for playing increases even more.

The Dynamics of the Addiction

If you do not know this already, our brains have an organic chemical called dopamine. This chemical trigger the urge in us for exploring new things.

The mobile game instigates the secretion of the chemical almost instantaneously. According to psychologists, dopamine is a reward-motivated chemical, and as already mentioned, the lure of rewards, appreciation, prizes, and new challenges keeps this chemical super-active and propels the brain to keep playing.

Do Banning Mobile Games help?

Banning mobile games is not a solution. Often, you may have heard, a certain game has become a national obsession, and the consequences are nightmarish.

Government organizations step in and take the drastic step of banning the game.

Again, it is not possible to levy a complete ban on these games. The prohibition might be applicable at certain places, like offices, schools, and colleges.

At these places, the Wi-Fi networks can restrict the access of the game server, but these days, everyone carries mobile data, the game can still be accessible from this platform.

Sooner or later, another game will emerge and everyone will hook up to it with the same enthusiasm and eagerness.

We need to think practically, game developers will continue to dish out newer and attractive games, it is impossible to ban each one of these.

The Possible Solution

The solution lies elsewhere. Yes, it is difficult, but not impossible to overcome the addiction. Of course, you cannot stop playing all of a sudden.

So, you need to make time-based schedules to limit the hours you spend on this. Cutting short the mobile exposure can help remarkably.

You can also try downloading some apps that are designated to stop the mobile addiction overall.

These apps will either block or distract all those apps installed on your phone, so you do not get immediate access to your favorite games.


As you can understand, the mobile-based games will continue to lure us.

Now, that you are familiar with the points on why these games are addictive and the possible ways to overcome it, we hope, you found this article to be helpful for your cause.

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