Why is Destiny so orb-obsessed?

The Destiny series’ unique, “mythical sci-fi” setting has always lent it an air of heightened mystery. But for my money, the most consistently inscrutable element of the series is its perplexing obsession with orbs. From its crackling balls of energy to the giant, god-like sphere that hovers over the last city on Earth, inscrutable orbs are pervasive in Destiny’s gameplay, UI, and lore.

In the video above, I investigate as many of the game unknowable spheres as I could in order to better understand why the game is so fixated on balls. In an attempt to understand how Bungie communicates ideas to players, I spoke to Ryan Klaverweide, who worked on the Destiny series’ UI and iconography for nearly a decade. My research helped me understand how the games’ many inspirations and references are linked to all these orbs, but you’ll have decide for yourself if I deciphered why Destiny is so orb-obsessed.

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