Why I love video photo modes – Reader’s Feature

A reader shares his love, and his pictures, from the photo modes of games ranging from Red Dead Redemption II to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Photograph and capture modes, I love ‘em! As a child I loved to draw and was often told how good I was and I should make a career out of it. Alas, art collage didn’t happen and work on construction sites and in factories beckoned, then I got old and lost my imagination! Now I can’t draw for toffee, but I can still copy a good picture.

I’m not a total philistine, but things have changed since I was a carefree imaginative kiddiewink, and that’s where capture/photo modes come in. All the art is already done and all I need is to set the scene and press the ‘A’ button, maybe add a filter or three. So I would like to share some of my captures from a few of the many games I’ve spent far too long getting artsy-fartsy about, if you wouldn’t mind…

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
So I found myself up a mountain, somewhere, and at some point thought ohh, that’s pretty… out came the capture mode, no filters needed, just Nate taking a break from homicide for 10 minutes or so. Don’t worry, he was soon back to it.

The Last Of Us
The world has ended, civilisation as we know it is over, Joel will likely be killed round the next corner and Ellie is on her way to have her brain harvested… but first, giraffes in the wild… in North America… wild!


Marvel’s Spider-Man
Just a squirrel living its best life in the centre of The Big Apple, how did I even find it? Who knows! But move over Attenborough, there’s a new animal botherer in town.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider
Is it an angel? Nope, it’s Lara Croft getting her socks wet in some stagnant pond, why’s she got wings? God knows!

Red Dead Redemption II
I don’t know a lot about art, but I know what I like!

Red Dead Redemption II
Sometimes you just wanna get away from murder and snake oil and watch the world go by, choo choo. I like to imagine Arthur has sandwiches.

So that’s just some of my many captures, who knows I might do another feature sometime, if this one goes down well. Thanks for reading, if indeed you still are.

By big boy bent

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