Why everyone wants to sell you a gaming subscription

You have certainly heard the pitch: play all the games you want for one low monthly fee. Game subscriptions have been around for a few years now, but the race to make the ‘Netflix of games’ is kicking into high gear. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sony, Electronic Arts, Verizon, and now Ubisoft either have gaming subscription services on the market, or on the way.

But why?

Game subscriptions have the potential to upend the industry in a way not seen since consoles replaced arcades, but who will see the most benefits is still an open question. In the video above, I’ve tried to explain why gaming subscriptions are on a trajectory to take over the industry in the same way they’ve taken over TV, music, and movies. For developers, it could also mean a massive shift in how they finance, develop, and sell their games. And for consumers, it wouldn’t just change how we pay for our games, but how we play them.

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