‘Where the hell is GTA 6?’ demands fan on German game show

Someone interrupted a German game show to ask the host where Grand Theft Auto 6 is – which is just as random as it sounds.

To say Grand Theft Auto fans are highly anticipating GTA 6 would be an understatement. In lieu of an official announcement from Rockstar, some people see every minor website update or new Rockstar patent as a hint towards the game’s eventual release.

One fan in Germany appears to have become so frustrated with the lack of news that he stormed a popular game show to air his grievances. In a clip uploaded by Games4Nerds on YouTube, the fan, only going by the name Taser, ran onto the set of Schlag den Star, interrupting the proceedings and asking the host, Elton, ‘Where the hell is GTA 6?’, encouraging both him and the clearly bewildered contestant to shout his demands into the camera.

Whether he actually thought the presenter would know the answer to the question is unclear, but Elton does have a minor connection to the games industry in that he voiced a character in the German dub of Halo 3.

He takes the interruption surprisingly calmly, though, even joking that he doesn’t want GTA 6 to come out yet because he still hasn’t finished Grand Theft Auto 5. In the end, Taser is soon taken away by security, thankfully peacefully, leaving Elton to question if Take-Two paid him to pull this stunt.

Whether Taser did this just for five minutes of fame or if he sincerely wanted to get his message out will likely never be answered. What we can say, with certainty, is that his efforts aren’t going to make GTA 6 come out any sooner.

Rockstar is currently still profiting nicely from Grand Theft Auto Online, with the next major releases being GTA 5 and a standalone GTA Online for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. So it’s in no hurry to get GTA 6 out.

It’s also been heavily rumoured that a remastered trilogy of GTA games is coming out in 2022, consisting of Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. If this is the case, then the earliest GTA 6 could release is probably 2023, with most reliable rumours actually suggesting 2025.

One voice actor who has done work for GTA did claim recently that a trailer for GTA 6 would release soon, but he’s probably wrong.

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