What’s new in Red Dead Online v11.10 Content Update 2 patch notes?

A new Red Dead Online update has come to Red Dead Redemption 2 today, and it seems to be introducing quite a lot of new content to the game.

As with every Tuesday, the folks at Rockstar Games have rotated the available quests, the location of items of interests and renewed the reward pool in Red Dead Online, giving you a reason to dive back into the title and enjoy all the shiny new stuff the studio has added.

After the schedule we're used to was skewed a bit last week thanks to the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, things seem to be back on track this week.

That means a new legendary bounty (which you can read more about in detail below) has been added, as well as new cosmetics, and a refreshed set of Madam Nazar challenges, too.

Here's everything you need to know about Red Dead Online from November 12th.

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New Legendary Bounty – Red Ben Clempson

Legendary bounty 8 is for Red Ben Clempson.

"Dresses like he's on the way to Church, acts like he's never heard of sermon" notes our erstwhile narrator in his introduction video.

This vagabond has been raiding trains left, right and center across America's west and now the companies have had enough – and they've all put a bounty on his head.

He's a hero to some, a villain to others. But either way, it's down to you to bring him in.

You can meet an ex-member of Clempson's gang at Mercer Station to start this bounty, and he'll take it from there.

New Cosmetic Items

This week, we've seen Rockstar add some new items into the game that you can grab at the various shops scattered around the in-game world.

These new items include the Pearrow Hat, the Onion Cap, the Cardozo Vest, the Cerrada Boots, the Cibola Boots, the Parson Boots, the Dunaway Coat and the Purkiss Hat.

They all cost either Gold Bars or dollars, and are available to purchase in the game right now.

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