What If You Set God Of War In Britain?

There has been a lot of discussion over what happens next for God of War. Ragnarok drew the Norse saga to a close, and the Greeks have been dealt with too, but Raganrok doesn't mean the series stops a-rockin'. Prior to the Norse games, there was some debate at Santa Monica over whether to go after the Norse pantheon or the Egyptian pantheon. The Norse gods offered a greater change of pace, with snowy realms and dark elves, over the warm climes and mythical figures Egypt offered that were too similar to the Greeks.

Now though, enough time has passed that Egypt itself offers a contrast to the Norse environments we're all used to, so it seems like the most fitting destination. Of course, Christianity has also been floated, but feels too controversial for a company like Sony to tackle. But with Egypt expected, we might head somewhere new even without Christianity on the table. I have a few interesting and layered thoughts on this, but instead I'm writing about who Kratos would fight in the UK.

If you're wondering why I would ever think to write about such nonsense, well, I didn't. I asked our photo guy for a picture of the Kanto battle with Gary (in Pokemon Blue), and he misread what I wrote so he gave me Kratos fighting a random man named Gary, so now I have to deal with this. For reasons only explained by James' TikTok dependency, the picture also featured the Binley Mega Chippy, so I'm left with that as my framework for Kratos' attempt to conquer the British pantheon.

God of War isn't just about fighting other gods though, there are also a lot of smaller foes to deal with. That's where Gary comes in. He's similar to the Draugr, constantly popping up and causing chaos. We've all been in a chippy after a night out where some daft lad has had a bit much to drink, and perhaps wanted to go all Kratos on them. In God of War: Britain, Gary The Lad From The Chippy will pop up everywhere Kratos goes, but he won't be the main challenger.

Throughout the story, Kratos will slash down a variety of minibosses – reality show contestants, scary looking teenagers at the bus stop, and Prime Ministers who regenerate a second, third, and fourth time before a democratic election – who are typically British. These are not the star of the show either, though. Once Kratos has conquered all of Britain, one mysterious man still stands in his way.

Finally, after an adventure across a winter wasteland completely derelict of life (Slough when it gets a bit nippy), Kratos faces the true boss of Britain. A man he has never seen. A man he does not know. A stranger. The Stranger. "Do you know who I am?" The Stranger asks in a low growl. "Do I care," comes Kratos' response. "Ya will do," The Stranger says, voice dark and wrapped in shadow. "Go on then," Kratos relents. "Ronnie Pickering," The Stranger declares in a tone of death. "Who," is Kratos' only response. Back and forth our heroes dance. “Ronnie Pickering.” Who? “Ronnie Pickering.” Who? Then in a final screech of violence, "Ronnie Pickering!" In the silence that fell came a final demand. "Let's have a bare knuckle fight then, me and you."

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