Weird West: How To Win The Slap Game

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The wacky, unforgiving world of WolfEye Studios' Weird West is crammed with oddities to explore. Playing through the overlapping stories of five playable characters, you must traverse harsh and possibly hostile territories to complete main missions, earn money or reputation points with side quests, and develop new Perks and Abilities using collectibles gathered along the way.

Aside from sirens, wraiths, and the formidable Pigmen, one of the strangest characters you will stumble across during your journey is the Heathen Witch.

She is a mysterious figure, omniscient, and implicitly powerful, and after your third or fourth random encounter with her, she will challenge you to a frustrating game of Slap Me If You Can. This is a game that the player is bound to lose, but there is one way to pull it off.

How To Win Slap Me If You Can

Here is the kicker: none of the given options work. Whether you slap her right to left or left to right with your backhand first, the Heathen wins the contest and leaves you empty-handed and red in the face.

Though futile unless you have the Amulet of the Open Palm equipped, feel free to ask for a rematch; it doesn't cost anything but your pride.

With this amulet equipped, you will have an additional fifth option when the Witch comes a-calling:

Selecting the final option results in a victory, and you get to choose a reward from a chest. The contents of the chest are randomised for each player, however, with the most coveted prize being a Golden Ace card used to upgrade those Perks.

Where To Find The Amulet Of The Open Palm

Thankfully, the legendary-class amulet is easy to locate at any point in the game.

  • Playing as any character, head to the Oneirist temple in the El Castillo Desert named Somnolence– it can be found near the far-right edge of the map and is the starting point of the final playable character, the Oneirist Sorceress.
  • After gaining entry to the Temple of Somnolence using the correct sigil stone, traverse the inner sanctum of the Temple until you find a heavily secured room requiring three lockpicks to access.
  • On the desk in front of you should be the Amulet of the Open Palm, all yours for the taking as long as the coast is clear. Those caught stealing in the Weird West are not treated too kindly, so stay crouched as you creep around the Temple.

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