Wavetale – The Spark Collector Quest Walkthrough

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Wavetale is an immersive platformer game that presents a great story of a city that got submerged underwater because of toxic gloom. To find out what happened to Sigrid's mother and save the world from getting destroyed, you will go on multiple main and side quests as you progress in the game.

The first main quest you'll have to do is The Spark Collector where your grandmother will ask you to collect multiple sparks from all across the Night Orchard area. You'll witness a bunch of cool cutscenes before and during this quest, and you'll also meet a cute friend that your grandma doesn't approve of.

Spark Locations By The Lighthouse

As soon as you start Wavetale after optimizing all the settings according to your needs, a cutscene will show Mr. Baine dropping by Sigrid's island where her grandma won't be very nice to him. After the cutscene, she'll ask you to fetch some sparks by the lighthouse since they can help you keep the fog at bay.

When you enter the state where you can freely move, head toward the lighthouse to find your first set of sparks. Your main area of interest can be seen on the scale at the top.

Turn your camera around until a symbol that looks like snow comes in the middle of the scale, and the distance to your checkpoint will also be shown there.

Once you reach the lighthouse, you'll see the first spark on top of the stairs on the right side, as shown in the picture above. Head over to the spark and hit it with your fishnet to claim it.

As soon as you get to the first spark, you'll also see the second one hidden behind the lighthouse on the same level. Since this is the first section of the first main quest in Wavetale, it's quite easy to find these two sparks.

Spark Locations By The Fountain

Once you've gotten both the sparks near the lighthouse, the checkpoint will change its location to the fountain area. Follow the scale on the top until you see the little doorway near the water with a spark on top of it. You can jump on the little ledge beside the doorway for easier access to the spark.

After you get the first spark, the second one will be on the wooden platform connected to a stone pillar. You can use a double jump to get to the spark from the point where you get the first one near the fountain.

Spark Locations By The Memorial

For the third set of sparks, you have to head to the memorial site of the island you're on. After following the checkpoint on the scale at the top, you'll see a spark sitting on some grass near the memorial. This is the first memorial spark, which is surprisingly easy to locate and acquire.

There will be a small staircase near the spark leading you up to the tombstone with a journal in front. After picking up the journal, you can follow the path made by wooden platforms behind the memorial. After double jumping a few times and reaching the top of the stone pillar, you'll find your second spark.

Spark Locations By The Beach

Your final stop for this part of the quest will be at the beach. When you start your journey from the memorial to the next checkpoint, you'll spot the two sparks you need at the top of wooden platforms in the distance. To get to the top, reach the wooden stairs at the bottom.

Once you're there, there will be a wooden platform to your right that you can jump on. Follow this path upwards to reach the two sparks and hit them to start a scary and beautiful cutscene. This is where you'll meet your shadow friend who'll be a big part of your journey in Wavetale.

After the cutscene, you have to head back to the main island and fight four gloom monsters to open the cage that is blocking grandma. These monsters will take two hits each. After the cage disappears, don't be afraid to hit grandma with your fishnet as that will take the gloom away from her body.

Once grandma is free, Sigrid will reveal that she has a new shadowy friend, and grandma will disapprove of this at first. Eventually, she'll get convinced and ask you to fetch some more sparks for her from the Ferris wheel, clock tower, and crane. For these sparks, you have to take to the waves with your shadow friend.

Once again, all three locations mentioned above will be displayed on the scale at the top, and you can get to them in any order. Each place has a different platformer puzzle and you have to beat each one of them to get the required sparks.

Spark Locations By The Clock Tower

When you jump into the clock tower, you will see four more gloom monsters and another human caged inside gloom. Following the similar process that you followed while saving grandma, you will find Asta when you clear the gloom around her. This will also give you the first spark.

While talking to Asta, you'll be able to see an electric device that will have multiple white lines around it. When you get close to that, the game will ask you to press a certain button to pull yourself toward these objects. These spring-like structures launch Sigrid in a certain direction whenever you pull her to them.

Once you get in it, you will be able to pull yourself to three more spots that won't launch you. After reaching the third spot at the top of the tower, you will see a bar with white lines around it.

You can either pull yourself toward this wooden platform or simply double-jump to it from the top. After reaching the wooden platform, you'll see the second spark at the end.

Spark Locations By The Ferris Wheel

Once you get near the Ferris wheel, you'll see a little beach area beside it. Head to this beach area and you'll see a bunch of sparkling that you can collect along with a small pulling point. After pulling yourself to the small points twice, you'll see a bar connected to one of the wheel seats.

Pull yourself toward this bar to find your first spark, and also the path to the next one. When you're at the place where you found the first spark, look up in the middle of the wheel to see another small pulling point. Pull yourself twice to reach another Ferris wheel at the top.

Once you're up there, simply follow the U-shaped path and you'll see the second spark at the top. Once you've acquired it, head to the final destination in this quest.

Spark Locations By The Crane

Following the last checkpoint on your scale will lead you to the crane with another beach beside it. Land on the beach and you'll learn a new mechanic with generators and switches. Hit the brown spherical object to activate the generator that will start flowing the current through the pipes shown in blue color.

Follow the blue pipe and you'll see a brown switch that you can hit to activate. Once activated, your camera will snap to the next point you can pull yourself to. Pull yourself up to the crane to find your first spark and another switch. When you activate this switch, the crane will turn around and the second spark will be on its end.

You will have to double jump and hover using your fishnet to reach this platform. You can hover by holding the jump button as well. Get the second spark and head back to the main island while using the checkpoint on the scale. This will lead you to a switch that will submit all your sparks into the lighthouse.

This will clear the fog to the Plaza, and The Spark Collector quest will come to an end.

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