Warzone’s Sykov Pistol Looks Ridiculously Overpowered

A new pistol is headed to Call of Duty Warzone, one more broken than the Diamatti or, as Cold War Zombies players call it, the Die-A-Lotti. The Sykov pistol can be modified to hold 80 rounds, it’s fully automatic, and it can be dual-wielded.

This pistol isn’t out just yet but players have found it in Warzone’s Plunder mode. It’s unclear if it’s releasing in the next season, but if the responses to its leaking are anything to go by, Activision needs to fine-tune it.

While the Diamatti is fast in its shooting and an absolute powerhouse in gunfights, it isn’t fully auto like the upcoming Sykov. Activision could tweak the Sykov by upping recoil, but it needs a magazine decrease too.

The Sykov was also data-mined in December 2020 in Modern Warfare’s game files with leaked images and gameplay footage, but this is the first it’s been seen in Warzone.

Given Warzone’s history with less-than-balanced weapons – looking at you Mac10 and DMR – it’s unlikely that this will change before launch, and it could see players getting a little bit upset at the unfairness of the new weapon, especially considering that guns like this completely negate the usefulness of any others.

The Sykov, for context, is actually a blueprint for the Makarov in Modern Warfare, so the guns being ported over from the prior Call of Duty aren’t stopping with Cold War’s release. Also, for context, when picking up weapons in Verdansk, many of them are blueprints with skins and different names, hence the referral to this weapon by many as the Sykov and not the Makarov. In any case, it appears to be utterly broken, so hopefully, Activision listens to the feedback.

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