Warzone’s Latest Broken Weapon Is Actually Just An Attachment For The FAMAS

Warzone’s latest broken gun is not actually the FR 5.56 assault rifle but its underbarrel shotgun attachment.

Warzone is no stranger to absolutely broken weapons. And by “broken,” we mean so ungodly strong that they can take an opponent down in a single salvo. Remember the Snake Shot pistols from May? Those were a blast, so long as you weren’t on the receiving end.

Well, something of Snake Shot power has just reared its ugly head thanks to the recent season 5 buffs that were added to the FR 5.56, better known as the FAMAS assault rifle. Since the FAMAS was terrible, Infinity Ward decided to give it a bit of a range boost to make it extremely reliable even for long-range shots.

But they might have made a bit of a booboo, as explained by YouTuber TheXclusiveAce in his most recent video. It seems that the range buff for the FAMAS also translated to its 12-Gauge Deputy underbarrel shotgun attachment, giving it unparalleled range and stopping power for a shotgun.

Normally, an underbarrel shotgun can take someone out in two close-range blasts. But on the FR 5.56, it can absolutely delete opponents in a single body shot. And it can do it from pretty far away, too. XclusiveAce showed that one shot to the body of an opponent with full health and armor will still down them provided every pellet hits, which usually can happen out to 15 meters.

So now we have clips making the rounds on Twitter showing just how strong the FAMAS shotgun is, and it’s a little… gross.

Infinity Ward has taken note of the error, and although they didn’t admit to making a mistake with the FAMAS buff, they did at least acknowledge the issue and said that a fix will be forthcoming. No date on that fix was given, but we’d expect it to arrive sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, expect Warzone to become filled with FAMAS fans for the next little while.

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