Warzone Players Get Distracted By Fast Food Items In Hilarious Video

A lot of things happen in Call of Duty Warzone. Aside from—you know—the actual objective of the game, there are bunkers to find, easter eggs, hidden codes, and… fast-food menus?

That’s right, some players have been getting distracted by the prices of things like fast food and gas in the made-up area of Verdansk. It’s hard to blame them, though, the prices are absurdly high. Earlier this year, players were encouraged to explore more of the city of Verdansk with the alternate reality game pawn takes pawn. While players were bunker hunting, they became accustomed to spending more time sight-seeing than playing battle royale.

Enter Redditor u/NoahsArrk, who uploaded one of the most relatable, hilarious videos we’ve seen from Warzone. While playing the game, their squad found a fast-food joint. Obviously, you have to check out the prices if the graphics are good enough to see them; it’s an unspoken requirement. Well, two of them found the place. The third member of the team was somewhere else—which is part of what makes this clip hilarious (As this is an online game, a language warning is in order here.)

You can’t really blame them for getting distracted by the idea of a $400.00 burger or $300.00 deluxe fries – although they later realize the list price is in Rubles, making it a bit more palatable. Nor can you blame their teammate for hearing the conversation, having no context, and then wondering what the hell they are missing. The whole series of events is absolute hilarity, largely because we can see ourselves (justifiably) getting distracted like this.

This isn’t the only time that someone has been distracted by pricing in the game. Another player found a gas station that had prices advertising $9.00 a gallon for fuel, leading them to the conclusion that this is why the CoD universe is always at war. Whether Activision knows it or not, these every day “easter eggs” are what really draw our attention and keep us coming back. Are we going to find some absurd burrito the next time we log in? What about the cost of a ticket to get into the stadium? These are the things that truly matter—especially when the zombies get thrown into the mix.

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