Warzone New Subway System Will Change The Game

Way back in July we reported that Activision’s marketing confirmed that a train was coming to Warzone, but since then…nothing—until now. Data miners are finally able to confirm that a subway system is coming to Verdansk, and it’s sure to change the way the game is played. As we stated in that report, data miners are bound to get their hands on the code of any battle royale game to see what they can dig up for fellow fans, much to the chagrin of game developers.

However, Treyarch and Activision seem to be playing along with the game, leaving hints and fragments that don’t seem to mean anything until weeks or months later. It seems the Warzone train was one such example of the mastery Activision has over its crown jewel.

The prominent Warzone and Cold War leakers on Twitter at @ModernWarzone were able to share a map of where the subway will be going. It looks like we will be able to go around all of Verdansk in record time with this addition to the game. There are five stops that we can identify along the route. One at the airport, one at the stadium, one downtown, one near the park, and of course, the train station.

Why this feature is being added to Warzone is anyone’s guess at this point, but one thing is for sure; we are going to see attempted train heists. Joking aside, Activision has set up several devices that still haven’t come in to play yet, so we know that Warzone isn’t going anywhere for a very long time.

Some of the other things that data miners have flagged for attention, but nothing has happened yet are the dam, the nuke, and the gulag—which is rumored to house Frank Woods from Black Ops 1. In a world that is saturated with battle royale games, developers have to do everything in their power to keep the game fresh and interesting. With everything that’s been happening with Warzone, it looks like Activision is going to come out on top in that regard. Hopefully, that data miners continue to play fair and leave some mystery for players to discover (but we do love the data miners).

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