Warzone 2.0 Is Full Of Incorrect Arabic Translations And American Phrases

A recent deep dive into Warzone 2.0 has revealed its fictional take on an Islamic country, Al Mazrah, is full of incorrect Arabic translations and uses of American phrases that simply wouldn't be used.

Following the COD Next event earlier in the week, ResetEra user Dance Inferno has detailed all of the incorrect uses of Arabic found in Al Mazrah, ranging from poor translations to the overuse of English on its billboards and clear use of American phrases. The thread starts by taking a look at Al Mazrah City, which is clearly inspired by Iraq. Dance Inferno points out that almost all the billboards and advertisements are in English instead of Arabic, and that the phrases used on them are American, such as the mention of "0 percent APR".

Some of the bigger issues highlighted by Dance Inferno is the misuse of Arabic found in signage across the map. One sign in the Sawah Village area of the map simply says "air conditioner", while one sign in the airport on the map translates to "Departing Passengers Domestic", which is a singular adjective attached to a plural noun, which is a "big no-no in Arabic" according to Dance Inferno.

Another area that Dance Inferno highlights is Taraq Village, which has a sign reading "Halal Hookah Bar" that misuses all three of its words. According to Dance Inferno, "Bar" isn't a concept that Islamic countries use, let alone combining it with "Hookah", which has incorrect grammar and uses the wrong word for the region. Finally, the use of "Halal" is redundant for two reasons. Not only is everything in Islam halal by requirement, but Hookah is tobacco, not meat, and therefore doesn't need to be quantified as halal.

It's clear from these examples that Infinity Ward simply ran these words through a translator and didn't think of the context behind them, or whether they'd even be used in that way. As Dance Inferno points out, it seems unlikely that any Arabic-speaking developers were on the team or that any consultants were spoken to.

This isn't the first time that Call of Duty has been called out for disrespectful or incorrect representations of other nations. When Call of Duty Vanguard launched last year, players quickly noticed that torn-out pages of the Quran could be found on one of the multiplayer maps, which was met with a statement from Activision apologising for its inclusion.

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