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Towering over their teammates (and most of their enemies, the Ogryn Skullbreaker is the heavy class in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. These hulking mutants have much more Toughness and Health than the other classes, ensuring that they're usually the last to fall. Their oversize weapons hit like a train, letting them drop most regular foes with a single blow.

An Ogryn is a perfect class for new players, as the class has few real downsides to speak of. They're not subtle, but they're certainly effective – read on to learn how to bring some serious muscle to your team.

Ogryn Skullbreaker Abilities

Ogryns form the anchor of the team, using their impressive resilience to take hits while dealing plenty of damage themselves. If you're looking to play a tank, the Ogryn is the class for you!

Ability Type Effect(s)
Bull Rush Active
  • When activated, the Skullbreaker charges forward. Any enemies in their path are knocked back.
  • The Skullbreaker's Movement and Attack Speed are both increased by twenty-five percent for five seconds after activating Bull Rush.
Big Box Of Hurt Grenade
  • The Skullbreaker throws a box of explosives that deal massive damage to a single target.
Intimidating Presence Aura
  • The Skullbreaker and all allies in Coherency deal ten percent more damage with heavy melee attacks.
Thick Skin Passive
  • The Skullbreaker takes twenty percent less damage from all sources.
  • Unlike most damage reduction abilities, this applies to both Toughness and Health damage.
Excessive Force Passive
  • The Skullbreaker's melee attacks inflict twenty-five percent more stagger.
Loyal Protector Passive
  • The Skullbreaker cannot be interrupted by enemy attacks while reviving or rescuing an ally.

Ogryn Skullbreaker Feats

Every character in Darktide unlocks a new Feat every five levels. You can equip one Feat at a time from each tier, and may freely swap them from the Operative screen between missions.

Level 5 Feats

Feat Effect(s)
  • You and all allies in Coherency regain Toughness at twice the usual rate.
Smash 'Em Good!
  • Whenever you hit a single target with a heavy melee attack, you immediately regain twenty percent of your Toughness.
Best Form Of Defence
  • Whenever you hit multiple targets with single heavy melee attack, you immediately regain twenty percent of your Toughness.

Level 10 Feats

Feat Effect(s)
  • You deal fifty percent more damage to Ogryn enemies.
  • You take half damage from Ogryn enemies.
Bombs Away!
  • If your Big Box Of Hurt hits an armored enemy, it releases a cluster of grenades around the target.
Blood & Thunder
  • Your heavy melee attacks inflict Bleed.

Level 15 Feats

Feat Effect(s)
Towering Presence
  • Increases your Coherency radius by fifty percent.
Lead The Charge
  • Whenever you activate Bull Rush, allies in Coherency increase their Movement Speed by twenty-five percent for four seconds.
  • Whenever you or an ally in Coherency kills an Elite enemy, your current Bull Rush's cooldown is reduced by ten percent.

Level 20 Feats

Feat Effect(s)
  • You take ten percent less damage for every Bleeding enemy within melee range.
  • Stacks up to five times, for a total damage reduction of fifty percent.
Hard As Nails
  • You take twenty-five percent less damage for every ally that is currently downed or incapacitated.
Die Hard
  • When your Health is under twenty-five percent, you regain Toughness twice as fast.

Level 25 Feats

Feat Effect(s)
Payback Time
  • Whenever an enemy damages you, you deal twenty percent more damage to enemies of the same type for the next five seconds.
Knife Through Butter
  • If you fully charge a heavy melee attack, it can cleave through an unlimited number of enemies, regardless of your melee weapon's stats.
Raging Bull
  • Your melee attacks deal five percent more damage for every enemy you hit with your previous melee attack.

Level 30 Feats

Feat Effect(s)
Bull Gore
  • Your Bull Rush now inflicts Bleed on enemies that you knock back.
  • The distance you charge with Bull Rush is doubled.
  • No enemies except Monstrosities can stop your Bull Rush.
Non-Stop Violence
  • You immediately recover ten percent of your Toughness for each enemy you knock back with Bull Rush.

Ogryn Skullbreaker Strategy And Tips

Skullbreakers have the simplest strategy of all the classes in Darktide – if something moves, hit it or shoot it until it doesn't! You should always be in the thick of the fighting, using your extreme resilience to weather hordes of enemies. Remember to stay near your allies, since they benefit greatly from your Intimidating Presence abilitiy.

Since you can't be interrupted while reviving downed allies, you should prioritize saving teammates who need it. Bull Rush is ideal for this, as it allows you to clear a path to the friend in need. Let your team know when you're about to charge in for the save, so that they can pick off the enemies you charge through while they're still staggered.

You may not be able to take advantage of cover as easily as your smaller teammates – instead, use your own ranged weapons to suppress any enemies shooting at you.

Most of the Skullbreaker's abilities are centered around melee combat, but don't discount your ranged weapons. Unlike the game's other melee class, the Zealot Preacher, you have access to unique firearms that pack a wallop. Use them to wear down enemies or put damage on a boss before charging in.

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