Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – 13 Best Enemies

In the latest game about the dark universe of elder gods and infinite warfare, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has players facing off against the denizens of Nurgle. The “Plaguefather” was the third of the Chaos Gods to awaken within the Warp, during Earth’s Middle Ages and while the Black Death consumed the world.

Now the cult of decaying monsters invades the Hive City of Tertium, on the planet Atoma Prime. You and up to three other prisoners must fight to defend against an army of darkness, wave after bloody wave. Every one of Nurgle’s grandchildren feature distinct strengths and weaknesses, though they all share a core commonality: a truly horrifying presence. Don’t worry, your enemies in Darktide are all mortal – like you.

13/13 Poxwalkers

These unliving weapons are walking plague carriers, dutiful servants of Nurgle’s corrupting tide. Poxwalkers will run directly at you, screaming and bleeding everywhere. Though relatively weak, their numbers can become overwhelming and require your head on a constant swivel. The Poxburster variant will even explode and send rotting goop everywhere.

Carrying Nurgle’s special rot, the old god’s most devastating creation shreds a victim’s physical and spiritual form. Encountering a lethal dose of Poxwalkers will not only melt your flesh but erode your soul as well, leaving your warrior as nothing more than a hollowed-out husk. Best to take them down before they get within coughing distance.

12/13 Chaos Hound

“Dog” enemies in games are infamous for being quite troublesome (so unlike their lovely role in our real lives). The Chaos Hound in Darktide is fast and vicious. They will leap at you, jawing for your fighter’s throat. If you are caught by a Hound’s pounce, you must quickly be saved by a teammate or suffer.

Not even cover can save you from a Chaos Hound. Their howl serves as the best warning to get your weapon up. A dog is a Chaos God's best friend.

11/13 Mutant

Mutants are deranged sickos that waste no time in getting down to business after spawning. Their business: charging you, slamming you, and throwing you as far as they possibly can. Be wary near any ledges or environmental dangers, because a Mutant is liable to throw your warrior directly to their death.

Powerful but unintelligent, the over-eager Mutant heralds a chosen mark with a yell. A Mutant must bring your squad together to focus-fire it down before that Hail Mary toss sends someone to their doom.

10/13 Trapper

The Trapper is a corrupted enemy humanoid, a member of The Moebian Sixth – a traitorous unit of elite soldiers that formerly served as guardians for Atoma Prime. As their name suggests, they carry a net gun and hunt down a singular member of your squad.

From the jump, this enemy is intelligent and relentless in their hunt. The Trapper should be taken out quickly with headshots. Be sure to defend any of your friends that may have been designated for trapping – and hope it’s not you.

9/13 Flamer

The Moebian Sixth’s resident pyromaniac is terrifying in their desire to – you guessed it – burn absolutely everything. There are a few variations, such as the Dreg that lays down Tox Flames which continue to burn upon the ground and hinder movement.

The Flamer should be fired at from range – melee units caught off guard will get scorched. Any member of your squad that burns will continue to burn for a spell. Take cover to recharge and have your allies seek out flanks far from the inferno.

8/13 Sniper

Every gamer understands just how dangerous a sniper can be. Luckily, these Moebian Snipers feature a red laser sight to warn you of an impending headshot. Their long-range damage can instantly vaporize your health, so take cover and get your teammates on the counterattack when identified. Or, utilize your own sharpshooter to counter-snipe.

The Moebian Sixth may have been seduced by the Darktide’s creed, but these veteran troopers retain all their skills. The Sniper not only snipes for Nurgle, they wish to use their special death-dealing arts to share the “truth” they’ve uncovered for all to see. You want no part of that truth.

7/13 Bomber

The Bomber in Darktide fires off touchdown passes with pinpoint accuracy, not unlike an NFL quarterback. Though the Bomber is a blood-crazed maniac dishing out explosives and not footballs. 'Throw a few and hide' becomes their attacking loop. Send in your squad’s melee champions to “sack” them before it’s too late.

Watch, and listen, for ticking bombs around corners. Unfortunately, you will eventually have to hunt them down the map’s dark corridors and may even walk into a trap in the process.

6/13 Crusher

Perhaps no enemy in Darktide lives up to their name quite like the gigantic Crusher. This enemy carries a massive boulder on a stick, and will use it like an MLB slugger. Melee players should beware of getting into a prolonged contest of strength with a Crusher. Their mallet will strike right through your meager blocks.

Heavy health means your squad will have to combine its might and attack from all sides to secure victory against the giant. Drop stun grenades and explosives to accelerate a Crusher’s mighty fall.

5/13 Mauler

The deadly Mauler(s) spawn and operate in a pack, not unlike your own squadron. Wielding a chain axe and familiar with tactical approaches, expect these enemies to pressure you into immediate defensive countermeasures.

The Mauler’s high armor requires sustained damage to pierce through. Attack them as a group, or bait them into doing so against you, and you’ll have an easier time clearing them out. Many consider the Mauler to be one of the most dangerous enemy types in the game, so establish a consistent strategy for when they drop in.

4/13 Scab Captain

Scab Captains are dangerously skilled with offense and defense – as well as melee and ranged attacks. A yellow shield orb will mark them in the arena. It can be removed with enough damage but explodes, knocking back allies. It also recharges over time, so don't waste time after the shield is down.

The Scab Captain represents the most powerful member of The Moebian Sixth. Expect this boss to trouble your squad of defenders with every encounter. Slaying them should restore some hope for the Imperium of Man’s struggle against Nurgle’s disgusting decay.

3/13 Plague Ogryn

The Ogryn is large, nasty, and dishes out loads of damage. The primary refuge for your squad is that their attacks are dodgeable – if you time them right. Plague Ogryns will typically target an individual player, which is dangerous for them, but opens opportunities for everyone else.

Focus on blocking the Plague Ogryn’s slams when targeted, and go big on the offensive side when they look away. Menacingly faster than it has any right to be, its victory will mean the rot is one step closer to wiping everything out.

2/13 Beast Of Nurgle

The Beast of Nurgle is the Chaos God’s most blessed child: a humongous slug that spreads disease and loves to eat. This boss enemy dishes out mass corrupting damage, and has one primary objective: devouring your friends. Once eaten by the maw of endless teeth, constant corrupting damage will be dealt until the rest of the party can take it down.

Beasts of Nurgle are the ultimate horror on the battlefield. The essence of the mindlessness and constant monstrous decay that their god demands, these enemies are meant to be feared – and killed as swiftly as possible.

1/13 Daemonhost

The Daemonhost is a monstrosity that Darktide players should avoid if they can. These floating demonic entities glow sickly green and use chain attacks. ‘Alert’ one and get caught, and the Daemonhost will rapidly suck out your soul, ending your character’s campaign against Nurgle’s tide.

This daemon can take out up to two players and then leaves, making any remaining progress for your squad a challenge. The key factor with a Daemonhost is that they can be avoided entirely. Be careful not to stumble upon one, awakening it with the delicious aroma of your soul.

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